Ballet 4 to 10

Introductionary years

Creative movement provides a way for children to explore  and use their imagination.  Young children develop physical skills of good posture, strength and musicality through imagination and fun.

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Ballet 10 to 14

Growth and Development

Ballet at this age is an excellent source for exploration and communication through body movement to communicate emotions and feeling.  Developing good life skills students build confidence and a sense of pride. 

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Ballet 14 to 18


Believing and Achieving through the discipline of Ballet is one of the many Benefits of Senior Ballet. Students train physically and mentally increasing focus and memory retention, building strength, self confidence and a launch pad for life.

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Corner Editor:

Aoife Walsh, Ballet Teacher

Corner Editor:

Louise D’Arcy, Principal

Strength and Posture

Ballet encourages you to always “pull up” and stand tall, improving your posture and building long, lean, stretchy muscles.


Dancers know the difference hard work makes towards their ability to succeed. This dedication extends way beyond the dance studio.

Improve Memory

Ballet requires you to think of so many things at once, pick up choreography quickly and execute movement quickly. It has so many cognitive benefits, including better memory and concentration.

Challenge Yourself

Ballet is probably the hardest of all the dance forms. It may be difficult, but it’s not impossible, and the sense of achievement when you master a new step will make you feel fantastic.

Balance and Agility

Standing on one leg, performing complex footwork, intricate jumping sequences – ballet is excellent for balance, coordination and agility and your general fitness.

Mental Health

Ballet is Mindfulness at it's best. It is a place of escape and stress relief - the true language of the heart and soul.

What parents say

Louise nurtures and guides with a passion and precision that truly brings out the magic in each student. She unlocks individual potential, knowing precisely when to expect more and when to praise. My daughter loves her class.
Adrienne Kelly
Mother, Managing Director American Holidays

What students say

Ballet is so much more than just an after school activity for me. It gives me a wonderful sense of calm even though my legs are always killing me as it's such a hard workout. I have met the most amazing friends. There is a wonderful sense of camaraderie.
Student, age 15