Darcy – School of Ballet and Modern Dance

Our Philosophy

Through the medium of dance we aim to promote physical, intellectual, creative and emotional well-being.

We encourage students to believe in themselves and to strive to be their very best, most importantly fostering confidence and good self-esteem.

'Dance is freedom of the soul'

 Darcy Dance is committed to providing the highest professional standards in dance training that inspires a love of dance for each individual.

Creating a happy and stimulating atmosphere where dancers are guided and encouraged to develop at their own pace is what Darcy Dance is all about.


Children benefit from exposure to a variety of dance different styles.

Diversity makes learning more fun.

  • Broader Range of Dance Education
  • Multiple dance styles and techniques
  • Imperial  Ballet
  • Royal Academy
  • Russian Ballet
  • Modern Theatre Dance
  • Contemporary
  • Floor Ballet and Pilates
  • Flexibility Programme
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Coaching for third level Dance
  • Awards
  • Exam options
  • Family Days

Performance Skills are essential for aspiring dancers.
Students who perform regularly develop confidence and valuable life skills.

Darcy Dance works continuously to create a variety of performance opportunities wherever possible for students from younger classes to more senior levels.

Our Regular Collaborations Include

Local Theatre Performances Darcy Dance Shows

 Ballet Áthas Youth Ballet

Dance Platform Collaboration

Community Projects

Charity Performances – Nursing Homes and Laura Lynn House

Dance Competitions

All Classes Have a Purpose

Each class and each term works towards specific ‘short and long term goals’. Students are encouraged to set and work towards their own specific goals within the term also.  

Examinations are by choice, therefore ‘no pressure’ Students can still move forward with their piers.


Student Input

Input and feedback is encouraged at all ages developing confidence, self-belief and a positive inclusive attitude to all students.

Opportunities develop further for teens to become more involved in dance projects at every level.

Professional Approach

Our professional approach and expert tuition is delivered through support, encouragement, fun, friendship and a commitment to giving each and every dancer the opportunity to achieve their true potential.