"Inspiring Dreams and Self Belief"

Confidence and Good Self-Esteem

At Darcy Dance, we teach from our heart and dance from our soul.  It is because of that that so many of our students describe dance class as ‘their happy place’. We encourage our students to believe in themselves and to strive to be their very best;  fostering confidence and self-esteem.

Diversity for Broader Education

At Darcy Dance, our students benefit from a exposure to a diverse variety of dance styles.

This broad range of education ensures the best knowledge from a variety of syllabi from ISTD, RAD, Russian Ballet, Modern Theatre, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and more.

Student Input

Input and feedback at all ages are encouraged at Darcy Dance. As teachers we value student feedback and encourage a positive, inclusive attitude.   At Darcy Dance we encourage teamwork, camaraderie, and excitement within each and every class.   Opportunities are given to our older students to partake in the advanced creative levels that dance projects often require..  

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Purpose to every Class

All classes work towards specific short and long-term goals. Having a clear goal gives our students something to look forward to while also embracing challenges.  Our classes always reflect the needs of our students at any given time. On the run up to performances we work as a team and during our classes we work on individual and group goals. Sometimes we are working on individual goals within the group. Our students  students always experience the amazing benefits of attending class.

Growth of Solid Friendships through Dance

As students grow with the school through dance, they form life-long friendships with their peers.  Enjoying the camaraderie, and creativity of working with peers to meet team deadlines is an integral part of being a student sat Darcy Dance.  Examinations are by choice, therefore there is ‘no pressure’ for students.   Those who choose not to enter exams can still move forward with their peers.

Professional Standard

Our professional approach and expert tuition are delivered through support, encouragement, fun, friendship, and a commitment to giving each and every dancer the opportunity to achieve their true potential. We are committed to providing the highest professional standards in dance training that inspire a love of dance for each individual. All teachers at Darcy Dance firstly have a deep love of dance and teaching and are highly skilled and professionally qualified. More info…(Link about teachers) Darcy Dance is a member of the Irish Ballet Teachers Association (link) and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance UK.( Link)

Performance Skills Training - Transferable Life Skills

Performance Skills are essential for aspiring dancers. Students who perform regularly develop confidence and valuable life skills.  Being able to recognise and reduce anxiety is a life skill developed through performance.    Darcy Dance works continuously to create a variety of performance opportunities wherever possible for all of our students.

Performance Events and Collaborations

At Darcy Dance we value collaborations; as they are a great way for students to enrich their dance knowledge and gain wider exposure to the dance community. Our students are given many opportunities to perform  on stage and in more casual settings.   Some regular performance outings include:   Dance Platform Performances at The Helix, Darcy Dance Shows using local theatres, Community Projects, Nursing Homes, Laura Lynn House Charity Projects and Smock Alley – Collaboration with Ballet Athas Youth Ballet Company

Click on the video to see some of our previous Performances.
Principal Darcy Dance

Louise D'Arcy


Louise brings over 30 years of knowledge from a broad range of dance genres with specific emphasis on Classical Ballet and Modern Theatre Dance to her pupils and audiences.  Her experience covers performing, teaching, mentoring, choreography, theatre production and direction plus the running of a busy dance school.

“becoming Principal of my own school is the culmination of years of hard work, experience and dedication which allows me to promote my love of dance to the wider community and encourage others to reach their full potential”.

Louise trained in classical ballet with many schools including the College of Dance,  the Dublin Russian Ballet Academy and the Martha Graham School New York.    Her range of study in classical ballet technique includes Royal Academy, Imperial Ballet and Russian Ballet Classical technique and repetoire.   Performances include Musicals, NY Lyrical Dance Company, Ballet Áthas and community dance projects.  

Louise holds her DDE  in teaching, Associate teachers qualification in Classical Ballet plus her Imperial Ballet Advanced Two from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, London (I.S.T.D.).  

A Graduate in Anatomy and Physiology from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Chicago, Louise is also a qualified Pilates Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer with a specific interest in the prevention of injury in dance and sport.

Louise has developed a dance programme specifically for transition year students in secondary school to encourage arts education, appreciation and the development of essential life skills.

Louise’s message is simple:  “if you want to dance, then dance – let nobody and nothing stop you!”