Adult Beginners / Improvers

If you want to Dance, then Dance.. Let nothing and nobody stop you.

Adult Beginners and Improvers

It’s never too late!

So many adults are taking up Ballet classes simple because it works!

You can start to learn as a total beginner or if you have taken ballet as a child and want to return.   So, if this has always been a dream for you but you thought,  ‘no way would I be able’… think again.   You can!

Don’t worry, you are encouraged and guided every step of the way. 

Adult ballet classes are a complete package for your mind and body.

You will develop great body strength, muscle tone, fitness and flexibility.   The best bit is the artistry and soulful experience unique to ballet practice.  Ballet for adults can be so much more than just a class, it can become part of your very being and a place for you to connect with your tribe.  

Courses are ongoing so get in touch if you fancy signing up.