Boys Dance Crew

Dance for Boys

Boys Dance Crew Age 11 - 13

This is a space for Boys to meet like-minded peers.

Dance for Boys can be just as rigorous and intensive as sport.  Participants gain superior conditioning, improve their fitness capacity and gain valuable understanding in muscular development.

But there is so much more to gain….

Self confidence for a young man is a difficult road to navigate and dance is essentially another form of expression and you many young men expressing themselves is a difficult task.   Mastering routines and performing gives boys the confidence they need to feel comfortable in social situations.

Developing Motivation is another very strong benefit of dance for boys although not instantly discernible.   In a dance class you are essentially competing with yourself.  A dance environment encourages competition with boys and they will naturally want to push themselves to be their best.   

Validation and Affirmation developed through boys actively engaging in class dance classes with enthusiasm and vigour giving a sense of purpose, meaning and personal fulfilment.

Boys can find it difficult to find other boys who openly say they like to dance so here is the place to make that happen.

Dance for Boys 14 - 18

Boys have the same opportunity to perform with the School as the girls and sometimes more.  Boys land solo roles a lot sooner than the girls as they are in high demand!  

Teen Boys interested in training further can find great opportunities to enhance this skill

We provide a warm and welcoming environment for teenage boys who want to start dance.