Pilates and Floor Ballet

Pilates and Floor Ballet

Strength and Conditions includes myofacial release work for muscle tension release and increased flexibility. Mixed Ability Levels.

The perfect complement to all other activities. Performance in all sports or just in daily tasks is greatly enhanced by the practice of Pilates, as is injury prevention. This is due to the holistic approach which engages the mind’s awareness of your body and it’s responses.

The course objective is to strengthen and balance muscles, increase flexibility and release physical and emotional tension. Focus on accurate execution of movement is an essential part of every class.

Individual personal objectives can be addressed during the course, whether it be building strength after an injury, body maintenance, addressing imbalance, sport specific needs to aid the longevity of your general health or flexibility focus, all aided with Pilates practice.

Pilates Classes


  • Wednesday Evenings – Stepaside
  • Check Schedule for times and prices.