Strength & Conditioning for Dancers

For dance students looking to improve strength and technique for ‘en pointe’ dancing and increase strength and flexibility. Suitable for Ballet Students, Irish Dance Students and Contemporary Dance students.

This is a focus course for students who want to get the most of their Dance Class.

Course Covers

  • Complete Foot Programme for ‘en pointe’ Dancers
  • Myofascial Release Training
  • Active, Static & PNF Stretching – How to’s and When to’s
  • Core Stability and Strength Training
  • Alignment correction – how to quick tips
  • Brain Maping to improve Balance & Accuracy
  • Use of Breath for specific intentions

This course will help to enhance your dance performance and reduce injury risk.

Picture of a dancer feet

Course Details

  • This is a short pop up course run per demand.
  • Group bookings or individual booking options.