Children’s Dance Classes

Classical Ballet Classes and Contemporary Modern Theatre Dance for all ages and levels.  Beginners, Improvers and Advanced level class options.

Classes for Children, Teenagers, Young Adults and Mature Students.

Primary Ballet Foot pic

Ballet & Modern Dance Classes age 4 to 6 years

First ballet classes for children from age 4 and above.  Trial Classes, weekend and mid week class options.

Ballet class age 7 to 9 years

Ballet & Modern Dance Classes age 7 to 9 years

Grade level Children’s Ballet classes and Beginners to Ballet options. Includes  Modern Theatre Dance and performances.

Ballet Age 12 - 14

Ballet & Modern Dance Classes age 10 – 12 years

Children’s Ballet Classes for Grade level students progressing and beginner options, includes Modern Theatre Dance grade and general levels, and performances for this age group.