Darcy Dance School Code of Conduct

Darcy Dance School Code of Conduct

Darcy Dance is committed to maintaining a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment for all dance students and families.

To deliver a happy, safe and positive experience for everyone, it is important that students, parents & caregivers/guardians, extended family & friends and staff understand and adhere to the Dance School Code of Conduct.

Students Code of Conduct

  • Always show respect for other dance students.
  • Always show respect for teachers and other assistance staff.
  • Be kind and inclusive to others.
  • Be cooperative with other students and with your teacher.
  • Do not disrupt others
  • Attend class regularly unless ill or injured.
  • Tell the teacher if you are injured, not feeling well.
  • Always Ask for help if you need it.
  • Dance uniform must be worn with correct dance shoes, see uniform page.
  • Hair should always be well-groomed tied back neatly off the face, preferable in a ballet bun.
  • No mobile phones allowed in class.
  • Bring water in a plastic beaker.
  • No chewing gum.
  • No glass bottles.
  • Older students should honour your commitment made to your dance group and teacher to be there for all rehearsals and performances.
  • Older students should serve as a role model for younger students with appropriate behaviour, language and responsibility.
  • Older students using social media must adhere to all social media rules regarding themselves, other students, teachers and the school.
  • Show honesty in attitude and preparation to class work, by working equally hard for oneself and for your dance team.
  • Older students take responsibility for your health and wellbeing.
  • Show respect for studio equipment, props and the venue.
  • Help with tidy ups and always tidy up after yourself.
  • Try your best in class, and before and after class to have a positive and fun experience.

Parents and Guardians Advice

  • Follow and respect direction and advice offered by teachers and staff.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult guardian to class and collected at the agreed time at the door ( check timetable ).
  • Advise the teacher in person or via text if their child is to be collected by someone other than themselves.
  • Children are not allowed use the carpark as a playground.
  • Take responsibility for their child’s health, wellbeing and safety.
  • Read emails for up-to-date and important information relating to the dance school, classes and performances.
  • Ensure siblings are supervised during your child’s classes and performances.
  • Accurately complete the school health and safety form for your child.
  • Inform the teacher if there is an injury or illness with your child.
  • Raises any issues or concerns you have with a teacher or Principal. (See Child Safety Policy for more detail).

Teachers Code of Conduct

  • Provide and monitor a safe space for students to learn and develop, taking all steps possible to keep students healthy well and safe.
  • All teachers should be qualified dance teachers and have complete Child Safety Training in compliance with National and International Standards.
  • Encourage students to participate with positivity for skill learning and development.
  • Provide quality teaching and content in every class.
  • Demonstrate a professional attitude including punctuality and reliability.
  • Ensure to the best of your ability, each student can participate in learning and enjoyment regardless of ability.
  • Demonstrate inclusivity by providing all dance students with opportunities for individual and group exercises in class compatible with their abilities.
  • Provide adequate challenge for students who by the nature of dance require more challenge and can undertake more for performance.
  • Understand student abilities, developmental stage and goals to provide  supportive and constructive feedback with positive reinforcement.
  • Ensure all physical contact is professional and appropriate and where required express intent for contact.
  • Follow medical advice concerning the return of injured or ill students to class.
  • Display and monitor appropriate behaviour among students, including respect for each other, teachers, examiners, volunteers and venue staff.
  • Continue education and training courses to keep informed of best practice in teaching and skill development in dance.
  • Understand the teacher is not responsible for any accidental events or injuries when all steps have been taken to ensure safe dance practice.
  • Should any issue arise contact the School Principal.

Breaches in Code of Conduct

  • Any breach in Code of conduct by students, parents or teaching staff will be addressed in an appropriate manner.
  • Please note: Inappropriate, disrespectful or aggressive behaviour by students, parents or guardians will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion with no refunds.

Further Information can be reviewed in the School Child Safety Policy.