For a trial dance lesson, we recommend that your child wear clothes that allow comfortable movement. Although ballet shoes are required for ballet class, for a trial you can wear runners / soft shoes or just socks.  After the trial lesson, if you decide to formally register for the term, the school’s uniform may be purchased from Dance World directly or online.

No. Dance is for everyone. It is our job to find the class and the best fit for you to experience the joy of learning to dance.  

While it is best to start with the group at the beginning of term students may register at any time during the term and fees for that term will be adjusted accordingly. We do not want children to have to wait what could be several weeks before joining us.

Children can register with Darcy Dance from age 4 upwards however, sometimes it can be best to wait another year. This is a very individual decision and taking a trial class can often help with the choice. Remember you can start your child at an older age and we will find the best fit for him / her.

Ballet is a beautiful art form to take up at any age. You have not left it too late. We will make sure that you are put with your peers. We offer beginner and improvers classes for teenagers and adults. Teenagers and adults make amazing progress in a very short space of time and truly look forward to their much loved, weekly dance session with like-minded people. 

Yes, you can. Adult Ballet classes are structured to suit a mixed ability as they are not following exam syllabus. This way you can experience learning at a comfortable pace, still be challenged and  enjoy all the wonderful benefits of Ballet in a relaxed non pressurised space.

Wear workout clothes for your first trial if you do not have ballet attire that is fine. Once you get going you will need ballet shoes and the rest you can decide as you become more settled into your tribe. There is so much to choose from with dance attire now that you can choose what works best for you.

In normal circumstances, we will do our very best to accommodate the needs of the individual with the regular classes.

As far as regular syllabus and group performances are concerned, if a pupil needs extra coaching, we can offer such lessons.  This is a good idea from age 10 upwards if the child is a little older starting ballet or has missed some sessions or is new to the genre.    In normal circumstances, we will do our very best to accommodate the needs of the individual with the regular classes.


If you are training for a special solo performance, exam or you are an adult starting out and require some private tuition this can be arranged. 

Yes. We follow the school term as closely as possible. We take half term breaks and bank holiday breaks also.  Please refer to the timetable for full details.

Fees are generally paid on a term basis or a payment plan option can be arranged by contacting the school.  You have the option to attend trial classes before committing to the full term.

In line with general accepted dance school etiquette, we accept students who are already training at another dance school as it is very beneficial to experience different teaching styles.   Extra classes can often be of great assistance to improve your technique and gain a broader dance experience.

We do however, ask students to honour all commitments made to either school in relation to attendance, exam training and performance rehearsals.

If parents require classes or camps over the summer months then we are always happy to provide what we can. 

Parents, grandparents and family members are invited to view the children’s progress on a regular basis. We offer performance opportunities, end of term demonstrations and short recordings of class to parents only under strict GDPR protocol.

Up to Grade 2 Darcy Dance offers inhouse examinations and awards.  Examinations (though the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance ISTD) are offered from Grade 2 upwards but are not mandatory. The school believes in giving pupils the opportunity to express themselves, their talent and feel a sense of achievement through the examination process where it is deemed appropriate. Students can also choose to enter Vocational Examinations and auditions.  For some students performance work can be a preferred option or just regular class attendance.

Yes, as examinations are optional the school would in no way hold any child back in their development should they choose not to undertake an exam.

All children and young adults are welcome at the school.

If your child has extra needs or learning difficulties you will need to contact the school prior to enrolment to discuss options or necessary requirements that my need to be outsourced and put in place.  Darcy Dance school is not Arts or Education funded and therefor must rely on support for special needs assistance through charitable organisations.

If you have more questions please do get in touch.