Key Reasons your child benefits from more dance classes per week.

Taking more than one ballet class per week is a good thing for your child even if it’s for recreation.

Although it might seem costly, keep in mind that you are investing in your child’s future.  Some of the key benefits include:


  1. Progression: Ballet is a technical dance form that requires consistent practice to improve. Taking multiple classes per week aids muscle memory and retention helping dancers make faster progress and refine their technique.


  1. Injury Reduction: Improved technique and body awareness is a key ingredient in the prevention of dance injuries. This has a cross over effect to benefit all other sports and activities your child participates in.


  1. Confidence: When children become more proficient at their dance level of performance, knowledge and skill, students experience physically and emotionally the rewarding outcomes this training produces.  This leads to a more confident and fulfilled and happy dancer.


  1. Self-Discipline: Understanding that consistency is key is fundamental to mastering self-discipline.  Regular Ballet practice involves dedication, perseverance and commitment.   Dance students who take multiple dance classes per week develop self-discipline and the ability to set and achieve goals.


  1. Improved Fitness: Regular Dance practice improves, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.   Ballet requires a high level of fitness and stamina. This aids dancers to cope with more demanding choreography and challenging work.