Pilates - Recreation and Dancer Specific

Pilates – Rebalance. Release, Re-Connect

Pilates General Classes – Adults

We offer beginner, improver and advanced Pilates for Adults.

The most important focus for each individual is to learn to respond to their individual needs on any given day.

Performance in all sports or just in daily tasks is greatly enhanced by the practice of Pilates as is injury prevention.  This is due to the holistic approach which engages the mind’s awareness of your body and it’s responses.

The course objective is to strengthen and balance muscles, increase flexibility and release tension.

Personal objectives may be to release work related tension in the shoulders or back or sporting related injuries in recovery that will be aided with Pilates practice.

Your goal maybe to enhance your sport , to increase the longevity of your sporting years or to reduce your injury risk.

Pilates is the perfect compliment to all other activities and the benefits are endless.

Pilates Dancer Specific - for Teen and Adults

Pilates is an integral part of Maintaining a dancer’s equilibrium.

Pilates to support dance training has a different approach while similar repertoire to non-dancer Pilates may be performed.   This is in order to build and understanding and more awareness of what you are asking your body to do while dancing. 

Pilates aids dancers to achieve length, whilst being connected and builds integrated strength to work fast when required and also to achieve slow sustained movements.

Co-ordination of breath and movement is vital for a dancer to achieve good technique and a strong performance which is why strengthening core stabilizers enhances the feeling of security and freedom while dancing.

Whether starting out in dance or as a professional dancer Pilates practice is a must for progressive dance training.