Positive Mental Health Benefits of Ballet for Children 

Ballet is an artful form of mindful movement therapy when practiced yields enormous benefits for the mind and soul for children and adults.

Ballet is a holistic remedy for health and well-being, blending physical activity, artistic expression and social interaction.   It has a positive impact on the mind, promoting cognitive function, emotional resilience and a sense of fulfillment.

Mental Health Management: Ballet provides the perfect place for the navigation of individual thoughts and emotions.  The breath work combined with movement and music forms a powerful release of negative feelings and stress allowing for grounding, cantering and inner calm.

Inner Happiness – Emotional Well-being

Ballet is a medicine for the soul.  It releases our feel good endorphins, promoting happiness and well.  The creative and expressive nature of practicing the art of Ballet offers a unique outlet for emotional expression benefiting your inner self.  Ballet creates a sense of belonging and connection that lifts your spirits.

Improved Focus and Concentration Skills: Ballet requires you to be fully present in the moment mindfully engaging in the practice thereby triggering the body to concentrate and be fully present in the process. Practicing this art form is scientifically proven to gain results in focus and memory retention boosting brain power.

Creativity: Ballet is an art form that encourages inner expression and creativity. It allows the exploration of the imagination unlocking new pathways of thinking which promotes innovation and creative thinking.

Good Self Esteem: Practicing Ballet offers a wonderful sense of accomplishment no matter how small the achievement. This ritual encourages personal goals throughout the class results in a true person satisfaction, containment and self-value.