Pirouette Awards

Exclusive to Darcy Dance for students of Grade 3 and above.

Students receive a list of criteria they must work towards during the dance term. Each item on the list is checked at regular intervals assisting students to work consistently towards their final assessment. Once a competent performance level is achieved students are awarded their PPA (Pink / Purple / Platinum Pirouette Award).


Results Include

  • Giving students an opportunity to work towards a personal goal within the dance term regardless of examinations.
  • Exposure to and experiencing coping with nerves and pressure in a controlled and managed system, building foundation skills for life.
  • Building a sense of camaraderie and support among peers.
  • Enhanced bio-mechanical skills which students can relate to, apply directly and see results within an appropriate time frame.
  • Promotes and encourages a sense of achievement, self-awareness and self-belief.
  • Encourages the development and use of cognitive abilities to perform complex movements.
  • With no pass or fail the negative is removed, leaving a realistic target within each students own time frame and resulting in an impressive achievement