SEcond Hand Uniform SHop

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Second Hand Uniforms are a good option as children’s ballet uniforms are generally worn once or twice a week only and can be in good condition.

Here is how the second hand uniform shop works.


Selling a Dance Uniform

Place the clean, washed uniform in a plastic freezer bag, with the name of the student and the uniform size written on the bag.

The student or parent can hand this to the class assistant running the shop or the dance class teacher.

We will sell of your behalf and money will be placed into the bag and returned to the student once the uniform is sold.


Purchasing a Second Hand Dance Uniform

Uniforms are sold the first three weeks of term at the dance venue.

We try to accommodate students throughout the term also by parents contacting the school directly to either sell, donate or enquire for a second had uniform.

During term you can email darcydance and we can see if we have anyone who has what you need.


Alternative Versions of the Uniform

You can search online for alternative similar versions of the uniform if you wish.

If you do find a cheaper version we are very happy for you to opt for this version.

Do also let us know, so we can send the informaiton to all parents.