Classes for Beginners and Improvers
Young Adults
15 to 19

Youth Ballet Club


Ballet Career Training

Darcy Youth Ballet caters for all types of dancer.  

Ballet as a Hobby

 Saturday Dance Club  has a ‘social and energetic vibe’ with Ballet training at the core of every class.  

Vocational Training

Students work together and individually to produce pieces for performance and personal enjoyment.

Making great friendships along the way!

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Can I still join a Ballet class if I have not studied ballet when I was in primary school?


What Students Say...

  • ” I choose ballet training because it makes me feel amazing and put back together after a hectic week. ”  student age 16
  • ” It’s a great workout  – a tough class. Although everyone here has their own personal journey we all support each other because we get it. ” student age 15 
  • ” Ballet Classes is my place  – I have found my tribe which is amazing.  ” student age 16
  • ” Ballet has helped shape me into the person I am, not just in a physical way but with confidence and energy for life. ” student age 16
  • ” I love how I feel after class on Saturday, it can be tough but worth it ” student age 16

Opportunities for Performances, Shows, Optional Exams, Charity Events and more

Training Includes

  • Postural Coaching
  • Core Stability / Pilates
  • Flexibility Training
  • Endurance Training
  • In Pointe Coaching
  • Various Ballet Techniques
  • Artistic Training
  • Repertoire
  • Stage Coaching
  • Emotional Dance Coaching  – growth and maturity
  • Meditation through Ballet

Ballet - Vocational Training
for those who want more... train for your future

Professional Tuition

Examination Classes 

Coaching one to one options

Competition Preparations

Performance Opportunities

Youth Ballet Company

Career Advice

Audition Assistance

College Applications

Ballet Classes

Can I take extra Ballet classes to train for something specific?

YES YOU CAN !  Many students do extra classes to make the most of their training options and experience.