Terms and Conditions

Dancers Code of Conduct

Always have the highest respect for yourself and others.

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Always inform your dance teacher of any illness or injury.

Always ask for help if you need it.

Keeping your body hydrated is very important – bring water in a plastic beaker.

Ensure you have sufficiently eaten before class.

Wear appropriate clothing and shoes for class.

Hair must be neatly tied back.

Come to class with a positive attitude.

Try your best and enjoy your time dancing.

Health and Safety Rules

Children of Primary School age must be dropped to and collected from class by a parent or guardian.

Children of primary school age are not to enter the car park on their own.

Young children should be brought to the toilet before class to avoid having to go during class.

No chewing gum.

No glass bottles or food are allowed in the dance hall.

Fire Doors must not be wedged open.

Fire exits and hallways must be kept clear at all times.

Health and Safety Rules are there for your protection and must be followed at all times.

Covid Back up Plan 2021

All classes from September 2021 are scheduled to run in person at the venue.

If we are restricted by government regulations we will revert to classes by Zoom or outdoor dance where possible.

School Terms and Conditions

School Fees – payment is due at the beginning of each term.  Instalments may be arranged.

The Principal should be notified of any change in contact details and/or guardianship.

All parents are required to complete a health  screening form on behalf of their son/daughter.

The school does not accept responsibility for any items lost or stolen. Any items found will be kept in Lost Property. If not claimed after a reasonable period items will be donated to charity.

Dancing is a physical skill therefore in order to assist students learning teachers may physically guide movement by touch. This will be in a professional manner and the intention of contact will be made clear. (Covid restrictions now in place)

Darcy Dance may wish to take photos or videos of our students for our school website, or social media page.  Please alert the Principal if you do NOT wish your child to be included.  GDPR  signiature required.

Pupils wanting to participate in examination must attend extra classes when necessary.

Any comments or queries should be addressed to the Principal preferably not at class time.

It is advisable that parents do not watch classes as this can be distracting for students. Parents and family members will be given plenty of opportunities to watch their children at prearranged events. 

Students at Darcy Dance must adhere to our Dancers Code of Conduct.

Health and Safety Rules must be followed by Parents, Students and Staff.