"Symbolising Togetherness.... Being part of a Team"

Available from Dance World, Ranelagh, and online service available.
Uniform Age 4-6 years
Uniform Age 7-9 years
Uniform Age 10-12 years
Darcy Dance Ballet Wrap
Ballet Wraps
Darcy Dance Ballet Wrap

Available from Darcy Dance
Ballet Wrap for Children
Uniform Age 13 Years Plus
Pointe Shoes Guidelines
You will need to make an appointment with Dance World in advance of purchasing your pointe shoes.  Your pointe shoe fitting can take time so be prepared. While very exciting, this is an important purchase to get right. Do not sew the ribbons onto your shoes until your teacher has checked your shoes.
What to wear for Adult Classes
Dance World offers great solutions to Adults who are starting out on their first ballet class or for those of you who are more seasoned. What matters most is that you are comfortable whether in leggings and a top or in a leotard, skirt, and ballet tights. The choice is up to you. The most important part of your dance attire is the ballet shoes. This is because it allowed you to train correctly by offering the right amount of surface friction versus stickiness while dancing.