Transition Year Dance

In School Dance Programme
Gáisce Award

In School Dance Programme

Arts Education through the medium of Dance.   Students learn about the world of Ballet, Modern Theatre Dance, Muscial Theatre Dance, Stage Craft and Performance Techniques.

Physical and Emotional Benefits are numerous building confidence, good self-esteem and self-awareness essential for all teenagers’ growth and development for life.

End of Year Dance Demonstration

  • Ballet experience is not a prerequisite.
  • Programme designed to work on a multitude of levels catering for newcomers and challenging those with more experience.
  • Encourages inclusiveness and team work as students learn what it takes to form a Corps de Ballet.
  • Students experience the artistry and depth of Ballet through Ballet stories and learn how to perform key dances.
  • Costumes, Drama, Theatre, Stage Craft, Acting and many other skills are developed throughout the course.

St Kilian's Transition Year Performance
The Helix 10th November 2019

Congratulations St Kilians Transition Year Dance Group on your outstanding debut performance at the Helix on Sunday 10th November 2019.  You wowed the audience with your lively and up upbeat dance number – 1920’s vibe to the sounds of ‘Rock it for Me Baby’.  

You brought Fun and entertainment as promised.    WELL DONE !

TY Dancers Gearing Up for the Challenge!

 ‘A Truly Memorable Experience of Fun, Nerves, Laughter, Team Spirit and Good Vibes’

Settling The Performance Jitters 🙂

Transition Year Ballet Rehearsal Class in Action

Students get acquainted with balance and stability.

Students learning about posture, and breath.

Can I still join a Ballet class if I have not studied ballet when I was in primary school?


Transition Year Work Experience

Opportunities Every Year 

  • Planning
  • Administration 
  • Logistics
  • Event Management  
  • Tickets Sales
  • Budgeting
  • Music Editing 
  • Video & Editing
  • Social Media Management
  • Photos & Editing
  • Costume sourcing 
  • Sewing / Mending
  • Props Design
  • Back drop Visuals
  • Promotion of Dance  
  • Assistant Teaching